What to do to cancel the credit card?

Nowadays, it is very easy to have a credit card. There are several institutions and establishments that offer the benefit and, in many cases, it even arrives without the client making any request. They are stores, markets and banks that issue credit systems without any bureaucracy and, in the end, charge a lot for it.

However, not everything that is easy to achieve is easy to get rid of. And credit cards can become a big problem if you choose to dispense with your benefits. So, to cancel them, it is necessary to take some precautions and make sure your choices are well.

Want to know more about it? Check out these tips that explain what to do to cancel your credit card!


Benefit or nightmare?

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Before you start the process of canceling your card, you need to make sure that you really want to dispense it. The main reasons for cancellation are the undue receipt of these services, that is, the purchase of a card whose request was not made by the consumer, or indebtedness and default with the costs and invoices of the credit system.

Regardless of the reasons that led you to choose to cancel your credit card, it is important to make sure that waiving this service will not cause a loss in your budget or that you can give up its benefits without compromising. After all, for those who know how to use, credit card is no problem, just control expenses.

But, if you are already sure of the cancellation of the card, then, check the steps so that you can cancel the credit services in the best possible way.


How to cancel?

Negotiate your debt

To cancel your credit card, it is important to follow some steps to avoid losing or avoiding problems in the future.


1. Contact the call center

It is no use just breaking and getting rid of your card, it is necessary, first, to contact the service center of the issuing company, which can be a bank, a store or a finance company. At this time, it is also important to note the protocol number of the service so that, if you continue to receive your card bills, you can claim later.

Another important tip is, if you want to cancel more than one card from the same company, cancel one at a time. In this way, the company will make less effort to keep you as a customer and there is a greater chance of negotiating.


2. Pay all pending charges

Another fundamental step for canceling your credit card is the payment of all pending expenses, such as installments and annuity costs. It is possible, when carrying out the cancellation of these services, to transfer all these pending items to the automatic debit in current account.

And be careful: even if there are outstanding debts in the maintenance and use of your card, the issuing company cannot refuse to cancel your services. In addition, it is important to pay all these expenses soon so that you do not have problems with interest rates, which are usually high.


3. Break the card

In order to have total security, right after the cancellation, it is important that you break your credit card. That way, you prevent someone from using your personal data for fraud. In addition, this is a great way to get organized and not neglect to use it in future purchases.


How can I check if the cancellation was made?

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To be sure that your credit card has actually been canceled and that you are not at risk of receiving an invoice, you must receive notification of the cancellation. Some companies send these notices by correspondence, but there are those that can use other means, such as email and sms.

If you have not received this confirmation, you can contact the call center again. With the protocol number, you can charge for immediate cancellation and, if you received an invoice after the cancellation date, do not pay the last expenses.

Credit cards can be an easy part of our daily lives. However, to cancel them, it is very important to follow these steps so that a benefit does not become a nightmare.

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